A casino on Governor’s Island could attract more tourists

According to mayoral candidate Andrew Young, one way to revitalise New York City could be to open a casino on Governor’s Island. In a radio interview for Breakfast Club, he revealed a bold plan, stressing that if a casino were to open on the island, the city could use the place and such a place “would be one of the engines of revitalization.”

Speaking to Politico, Alicia Glen, chairperson of the island’s Board of Governors, said it was against the law to open a casino on the island. Furthermore, she stressed that “there is no scenario in which a casino” could be part of the current plans for the future of Governors Island.

Another point raised by Ms Glen is that current plans for the island include a “multi-purpose campus” that would serve educational, hospitality and commercial purposes related to climate change and sustainability.

Andrew Young Island is currently home to several companies

Governors Island, previously used as a coastguard and military site, is accessible only by ferry. The 172-acre island is now home to several restaurants, several businesses, several yacht clubs, a brewery, a national monument and several recreation areas. The first tours of the island began in 2003. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have visited Governor’s Island every year.

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